Using Plant Medicine to Heal

I’d like to give you a brief description on how I used plant medicine during the three year period when I was in the process of rehabilitating my self. Whenever I took Ayahuasca, San Pedro Cactus, or Psilocybin Mushrooms, I surrendered to their guidance in the same way that I would surrender to a respected mentor or spiritual teacher whom I trusted and asked to show me how to heal and realize who I AM. To get the best effect out of the medicine I feel that we should approach it as if it’s a true guide who is going to help reveal subterranean blocks that we may not be aware of so that they can come up, be dealt with if needed, and then let go of to be dissolved; so that we can feel lighter and more balanced in these bodies. The higher intelligence, frequency, and consciousness of these plants will reveal to us our natural state of calm presence if we allow it. When our attention is primarily resting in pure presence (no-mind) then we will automatically feel whole, clear, balanced, and experience inner unity between our bodies. This is a very different state of being compared to when our attention is merged with a noisy, confused, and overly calculative mind or restless emotions. Knowing the difference between our natural state of presence and a restless state of " mindis a precious insight.

I encourage people not to underestimate the power and intelligence of the plant spirit just because it is residing in a plant body. Some of us may unconsciously believe that because this particular guide isn’t in human form, and instead living in a plant body that it is somehow inferior to human guides. That isn’t so at all. I was totally open to any deeper insights that the plant entity wanted to reveal. I was receptive to allow its chemistry and consciousness to merge with me and begin dissolving blocks and long standing inner imbalances inside. These plants will energetically communicate this knowledge to our bodies if we are open. It was amazing to me that whenever I was on plant medicine I hardly had any nervous tics or tension in my neck.

As I became more used to the guidance and consciousness of the plants, at some point I was intuitively guided to invite my normal human patterns of tension and neurotic dysfunction into this natural space of ‘no tension’ that I was residing in, so that I could consciously witness these habits being dissolved and see that they have no power except that which I give to it. Or I would watch the energetic movement of these tendencies move around my inner space without any mental commentary or complaint. When we know ourselves to be the spacious presence where all inner and outer movements occur then it doesn’t matter if these so called intruders (ill habits or tendencies) want to play around inside us or if they are dissolved; because the space isn’t affected by them either way. That’s the point! Be the space and realize through actual experience that you are not these ill habits and mental projections that you may have of yourself. When we realize that then we will invariably give less importance (less energy) to them, and so they will naturally fade away because of our lack of attention to them. They won’t have an audience (our attention) to perform in front of anymore. Don’t wait for them to go away though. That kind of “waiting-ness” will actually fuel them because we will be focusing on them too much and assigning a kind of importance to them, as though they have some kind of solid reality. We can just feel the presence that they are moving in. Feeling this formless presence instead of the movement of form, such as inner vibrations, thoughts, and emotions is the key here.