Theories Vs Facts

As I´ve already said, everything is theoretical on a mainstream level until its proven true or not within one’s own self. Truth has to be proven in one’s own body and experience for it to be liberating. Many people don’t want that responsibility though. They would rather have someone who has went to college for a few years and has a title of doctor, professor, scientist, or health guru tell them what is fact or fiction, even if they continue to suffer. They don’t want to put forth much personal legwork to change their habits or to discover, on an intimate level, how their own body and human consciousness works.

I suggest that you follow a theory that resonates with your inner feeling and temperament and then in time determine for yourself if it’s a fact or fiction based on your own personal experience. Whenever I followed the theories of medical doctors, I always became sicker and suffered more; and so for me most of their well intentioned advice is fiction when it comes to experiencing a true remedy. Learn directly for yourself how things work inside of you. Sanely and wisely, be your own scientist, use your body as your own laboratory, and conduct your own healthful experiments.

Getting and staying healthy needn’t be so complicated. We don’t need any kind of degree to understand these basic principles. This health information I’m sharing is geared towards those who are predominantly seekers of Truth; Truth based on experience—not on scholarly text book knowledge or hearsay. Genuine truth seekers aren’t impressed with academia, theories, diplomas, egotism, and narrow minded isolated postulations; because we know, there are always innumerable variables not considered when we view things from a pure physical standpoint. We are more attracted and drawn to honesty, integrity, and qualitative energy based on deep and broad experience in the actual practice of helping ourselves and others dig themselves out of seemingly intractable conditions.

Don’t be a leaf blowing in the wind and just surrender blindly to advice a professional gives you. Of course, we should be open to the knowledge and guidance that the universe sends us via authentic human forms. At the same time, we should take our health back into our own hands. One should intuitively (not mentally) decide for themselves which theory to follow in trying to get well. Empowering and self-sufficient therapies and natural medicine are obviously better than disempowering and dependency type therapies and synthetic medicine.