Holistic Surgery

My operation was scheduled for the following day. How nice was that! I didn’t have to go through the standard western-- extended (time consuming) formalities. I could immediately get the help I needed in less than twenty-four hours. That was definitely my style of medical treatment. The next morning, I got all of my pre-operative tests out of the way: blood samples, X-ray of my heart, antibiotic IV, and so on. At 2pm, I was taken to the surgery room. I never had this kind of an operation before.

I was excitedly anticipating what might happen next. Two minutes after I was lying down in the surgical bed, the professor entered the room. He immediately began the operation. He was going to make three cuts in my scar tissue (bone spurs) in hopes it would take some pressure off of my nerves and discs. There was no need to remove the entire bone spur—only the small pieces causing problems. The professor doesn’t ever destroy any other muscles, bones, tissues, or organs at the expense of trying to affect a cure. This is an important difference between his methods and the common surgeon’s.

Usually an operation takes about fifteen or twenty minutes, but my scar tissue was so hardened due to the longevity of my problem, he had to pound away using his self-created micro-surgical instruments for nearly an hour. I was conscious during the entire procedure. He only administers local anesthesia when he operates. In layman’s language, he makes a small opening in the affected area and inserts a special needle which reflects an image of the inner body onto a camera, allowing him complete visibility to see exactly what he’s doing with no guess-work. Once he pinpointed the area in my neck needing attention with the needle, he used another instrument to hit the needle to pierce through and/or chip away at my bone spur. It seemed to resemble when I would hit the top of a screw driver with a hammer in order to open up a paint can. It was also loud! It didn’t really hurt until after about the thirty minute mark. Then I began hoping this was going to end soon…

Finally, he was finished. I was tired and so was he; yet he still had three more operations to go before his day ended. He did some serious work that day and I appreciated it. There was next to no blood loss during the surgery, no scar afterwards, and he only used a Band-Aid to cover up the small wound that was created from the needle insertion. The reason there is very little blood loss and only local anesthesia required is because his system for operating is solely based on our acupuncture points. Our body has thousands of these ”points” and if a doctor knows exactly which point to enter, then the body will feel much less pain and lose a lot less blood.