On and off the Beaten Path is the third and last revision of a book that I started writing about ten years ago. It is a raw story about how I overcame severe health issues (such as Tourette Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, intense and incessant anxiety, and spinal deformity), that were unable to be resolved by any popular-easy to find, conventional medical methods.

This easy to read 215 page (or 183 page PDF file) eBook explains all the main tools that created a safe, accelerative, healthful, and transformative lifestyle conducive for my own (and several others) thriving and awakening while in human form. I’ve had a compelling desire since I was a young teenager to understand and imbibe true health and Self-Awareness, because I felt unbalanced on so many levels. What may take you just a day or so to read has taken me several years to learn and apply, as well as the opportunity to witness many case studies with those who came to me for health guidance. This allowed me to become aware of the countless different effects, benefits, and experiences that I and people from all walks of life have had, both when we´re out of balance, as well as when we reacquire our natural stable state of healthful being again.

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"Great saints expound that only the will is in the way of knowing the Self as spirit. This is a rare account of how the soul triumphs over the ego as it whips the will into action in the fight against severe mental dysfunctions. Join the author as he searches the world for a cure to his illness…..his discovery will fascinate you! He not only heals himself but he finds himself…"

Devi Mahabir- Academic Instructor

"This is the real-ist, rawest, most honest and street smart account of mental illness and spiritual transformation that has come down the literary pipeline and into my lap. Perfect for us post-modern humans who question the validity of everything and everyone, Yash destigmatizes psychological dysfunction and makes the yogic path toward enlightenment more accessible for all with his unique brand of straight talk. Be prepared to laugh and  to learn, and then to be inspired to get your act together! If you have the will, Yash has a way.."

Nathan Gabriel, ND, MA - Naturopathic Doctor and coauthor of the 2008 "Know Your Source Guide (to integrative health degrees and certifications)"

"Through the author's wit, honesty, candidness and insightfulness into life, lies a penetrating message of hope and a window into a new way of life and freedom."

Sonja Williams - Reiki Teacher