In the past, I was your everyday and ordinary human being as far as my interest in spirituality and health goes. I liked the idea of it all, but I was more interested in satisfying my personal desires and projections. I continuously looked for happiness and inner security by trying to please my senses and satisfy all my worldly desires. As a result, I have experienced being in drug rehabs, jail, serving in the Marine Corps (Infantry Unit), training as a boxer, and trying my luck as a Hollywood actor-- while always being a loyal servant to the common ego-driven identity. But Grace was always with me in the form of a relentless and progressively worsened health problem. This human hell was a catalyst for my freedom.

I spent a large portion of my life suffering from: severe neurological dysfunction and spinal degeneration; the treatment of medical doctors; being prescribed mind-dulling medications; contaminated living habits; and absorbing the continuous waves of restlessness that incessantly permeate our world today. This resulted in me spending decades of my life doing various trial and error experiments in an attempt to get myself well. Today I don’t need any synthetic medication, and no longer suffer from the symptoms and labels of any dis-ease or mental disorder. 

During those days of searching, I was regularly exposed to many antiquated theories and limited treatment based type methods, which never gave me more than short temporary relief.  They have always lacked true lasting transformative and regenerative power-- especially for the brain, nervous system, and bones. The lessons I learned from this karmic journey has compelled me to share my experiences on what  actually works. These principles are health sustaining, inexpensive, provide long-term balance and wellness, and will reveal to us our natural state if we have the inner passion to become whole. They aren´t radical or dangerous in the form of: a starvation diet; aggressive and invasive medical procedures; the use of toxic synthetic drugs; or any form of strict dogma.